Local and Nonlocal Trends in Analysis and Geometry

University of Pittsburgh, October 11-13, 2019

This workshop aims to bring together mathematicians that are currently working on local and nonlocal differential equations and applications, particularly to geometry. In addition to established senior scientist, we plan for the participation of young researchers, including graduate students. The extremely fruitful interplay between geometry and analysis is as old as the two subjects, and in recent years nonlocal techniques have been developed that promise further applications in Geometric Analysis. It is our goal to bring together experts in these different fields, to foster the exchange of ideas and open problems.



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All talks, coffee breaks etc are in Thackeray Hall, University of Pittsburgh

Registration in Thackeray 705

Friday's talks are in Thackeray 106

Saturday's and Sunday's talk are in Thackeray 704

Coffee breaks are in Thackeray 705.


Juan Manfredi (University of Pittsburgh)

Armin Schikorra (University of Pittsburgh)

Yannick Sire (Johns Hopkins University).


The organizers are happy to acknowledge the help and the financial support provided by The University of Pittsburgh Mathematical Research Center, and the National Science Foundation (DMS-1931340) .

At this time we have committed all available funds to support participants.


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