Geoff has 30 years experience playing and teaching the bagpipes in pipe bands, folk bands and solo performances and is available for:

  • weddings
  • parties
  • funerals and commemorative services
  • special occasions
  • corporate functions
  • concerts
  • festivals

Geoff plays several different types of bagpipes, each having their own unique sound.

The Great Highland Bagpipe (the 'normal', 'loud' bagpipe) is suitable for creating a Scottish ambience, whether loud and fast dance music, or slower airs and marches for a solemn occasion.

The Scottish smallpipe has a much quieter and mellow sound, more suited for indoor performances. These pipes go well with other folk instruments such as fiddle, whistle, accordion, guitar, &c. The Northumbrian pipes have a similar sound to the Scottish small pipe, but a little 'sweeter'.

Geoff plays suitable music for each occasion, ranging from traditional Scottish and Irish tunes to contemporary and non-traditional music. Tune requests are most welcome (but cannot be always guaranteed).

Geoff's fee varies according to performance time and travel distance. Charity performances are also considered. All performances are in traditional Scottish attire (i.e. kilt, etc.) unless civvies are requested.