• HermiTux, a unikernel that is binary-compatible with Linux. More info in the paper.
  • A set of optimizations for the Xen toolstack to boot and destroy VMs super fast. More info in the paper.
  • Flashmon is a flash memory I/O monitor designed to be used with raw flash chips in embedded Linux. More details in the related paper ;
  • FFSMark is a Linux file system benchmark designed to evaluate flash file systems performance. More details in the paper: English version, French version ;
  • JFFS2DParser stands for JFFS2Dump Parser. It is a simple tool which takes JFFS2Dump output as input, as gives some insight about the on-flash fragmentation of files in a JFFS2 file system ;
  • A small patch to disable Linux read-ahead for the JFFS2 and YAFFS2 FFS, because read-ahead may causes some performance issues with FFS (paper).