Lecturer -

The University of Manchester

I am a lecturer in computer science at the University of Manchester, in the Advanced Processor Technologies group of the Computer Science department.

In the past I was a postdoc then a research assistant professor in the Systems Software Research Group at Virginia Tech. I worked with Prof. Binoy Ravindran.

My research interests revolve around systems software and include operating systems; virtualization (hypervisors, toolstack, guest OS); systems security; flash storage/embedded flash storage; performance evaluation/analysis; and computer systems power consumption.

I completed my PhD in December of 2014 at the Lab-STICC laboratory in Brest, France. My thesis director was Dr. Eric Senn (Lab-STICC UBS), and my co-supervisor was Dr. Jalil Boukhobza (Lab-STICC UBO). My thesis is called Performance and power consumption estimation for embedded flash-based storage systems. The thesis can be found here (in French). This paper written in English is a good summary of the thesis.

On this website you can find:

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