Lecturer (Assistant Professor)

The University of Manchester

I am a lecturer (Assistant Professor) in computer science at the University of Manchester, in the Advanced Processor Technologies group of the Computer Science department.

My research interests revolve around systems software and include operating systems; virtualization (hypervisors, toolstack, guest OS); systems security; flash storage/embedded flash storage; performance evaluation/analysis; and computer systems power consumption.

I am looking for students interested in working towards a PhD in computer systems software research, . If you are interested in working with me, please contact me with your CV.


  • [05/2020] The paper ""A Framework for Software Diversification with ISA Heterogeneity" is accepted at RAID'20
  • [03/2020] The paper entitled "DEX: Scaling Applications Beyond Machine Boundaries" is accepted at ICDCS'20
  • [03/2020] The paper entitled "Secure and Efficient In-process Monitor (and Library) Protection with Intel MPK" is accepted at EuroSec'20
  • [03/2020] The paper entitled "The Case for Intra-Unikernel Isolation" is accepted at SPMA'20
  • [01/2020] The paper entitled "Intra-Unikernel Isolation with Intel Memory Protection Keys" is accepted at VEE'20
  • [01/2020] The paper entitled "Edge computing: the case for heterogeneous-ISA container migration" is accepted at VEE'20
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