I am currently macroeconomist at Banque de France's Macroeconomic Forecasting Division and affiliated researcher at Sciences Po, OFCE

You can find me on Linkedin, Mastodon, Twitter and Banque de France's website.


Peer-reviewed publications

Real-time fiscal policy responses in the OECD from 1997 to 2018: procyclical but sustainable? , with J. Creel, European Journal of Political Economy, 2021

Fiscal policy in the US: Sustainable after all?, with J. Creel, Economic Modelling, Volume 81, September 2019, Pages 471-479 (Previously published as OFCE WP2017-23: Fiscal policy in the US: Ricardian after all?)

Les règles budgétaires. Une analyse empirique sur données révisées et en temps réel, with J. Creel, Revue de l'OFCE, N. 158, Décembre 2018 

Working papers

The EA-BDF Model and Government Spending Multipliers in a Monetary Union, with G. Gaulier, M. Lemoine, P-A. Robert, H. Turunen & A. Zhutova, Banque de France Working Paper series no. 883

Why Fiscal Regimes Matter for Fiscal Sustainability, with J. Creel, Banque de France Working Paper series no. 769 (Former versions: OFCE WP2016-15, INFER WP 2017-01)

Asymmetric macroeconomic stabilization and fiscal consolidation in the OECD and the Euro Area, with Jérôme Creel, OFCE WP2020-09

Basic Model Elasticities of the macroeconomic model for France of the Banque de France (FR-BDF), with J-F. Ouvrard, Banque de France Working Paper series no. 750 (Also available in French)

The FR-BDF Model and an Assessment of Monetary Policy Transmission in France, with M. Lemoine, H. Turunen, M. Chahad, A. Lepetit, A. Zhutova, P. Clerc &  J-P. Laffargue, Banque de France Working Paper series no. 736

Policy publications

Economic policies contributed to strong job creation in France from 2016 to 2019 with M. Cochard and J-F. Ouvrard, Bulletin de la Banque de France n°231/6 (EN/FR)

Chapter in books

Fiscal Sustainability and Fiscal Rules in a Monetary Union: Theory and Practice in Europe. In: Douady R., Goulet C., Pradier PC. (eds) Financial Regulation in the EU, 2017. Palgrave Macmillan

Ph.D dissertation

Essays on fiscal policy and public debt sustainability, Paris School of Economics and Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne, 2017, HAL Open Repository


What factors drove the rise in euro zone public debt from 1999 to 2019?, OFCE le blog (EN/FR)

How to interpret the rebound in French GDP in 2021-2022?, Bloc-Notes de l'éco, Banque de France, with H. Camatte, J-F. Ouvrard et P. Sabalot (EN/FR) 

Europe's fiscal rules – up for debate, OFCE le blog, with J. Creel (EN/FR)

Les dettes publiques auront-elles (vraiment) raison de la Zone Euro ?, Note for BSI Economics (FR only)

L’euro en campagne, with J. Creel (FR only). Republished by Alternatives Economiques, L’euro a-t-il nui à l’économie et à la société française ?