Planning done different

We know life does not always go to plan, especially when you have a disability or are a parent of a child with delay or disability. What if we told you that you don’t have to feel like this?

Pictability is an award winning, internationally recognised way to help you reconnect with what is important to your child and family. Join over 2,000 youth and families who have used Pictability to create an achievable map for a great life.

Pictability exists in 2 versions:

We developed Pictability™ as a unique and creative way for youth and families to set a vision for a positive and attainable future. It was designed using informed research from Positive Psychology, Family- and Person-Centred Practice and Gamification principles.

Parents of young children

What does planning with Pictability feel like?

Pictability is like nothing you have experienced before.

Pictability™ is a practical 1.5 hour session during which participants will learn to:

Why do I need a vision?

Having a vision gives us the direction we need to achieve our goals and create a life that is important to us.

We know how busy the families of children with disability and delay can be. There is always so much to do and often a strong feeling of urgency exists. Time and again families dive into the practicalities without taking a pause to look at the big picture of what they want for their family. Pictability™ is a much-needed planning tool. It will clarify your guiding principles, help you with your every day decision-making and lead to a life that is important to you.

I have done other planning meetings? Do I need Pictability™?

Unlike traditional planning methods typically led by professionals, Pictability™ puts you in the driver’s seat. Through playful exploration, you will be given permission to reconnect with what is truly important to you, your family and your child.

Pictability™ looks at the family as a whole. Research tells us that parents often place all their energy into the child with a disability or delay. This is not sustainable in the long term and Carers risk burnout and mental health challenges. The Pictability™ experience has been designed to consider you as an individual and your family as a whole, in addition to your child in order to counteract these risks. When you are healthy and strong, your child will be better supported. Children thrive when their family thrives.

The Pictability™ experience will shine a light on your child’s abilities and strengths and challenge you to focus on the things your child can do, opening the possibilities for a bright future. This strengths-based approach differs to the medical or ‘deficit’ model that families often experience, especially through the early diagnostic stages. During Pictability™ we will share some of the research about why a strengths-based approach is particularly important for families of children with disability or delay.


Youth and adults

The tool engages young people and adults with disabilities  in their life planning to increase positive learning and life outcomes. 

It coaches people to: