Unleash your Pawcasso!

Picasso Paws is an art kit that provides a fun and tasty way for you and your pooch to be creative together.  Each kit contains everything for your pup to have some tasty chops-lickin' fun, you just add the lickable treat of your choice and watch your Pawcasso's talent emerge on canvas.


You choose, we deliver

Select your paint set from our playful palette suggestions (or design your own), we then add the other elements to build your kit - 2 canvases, ziplock bags, How-to guide and a little easel for the "masterpiece".

Prepare the canvas

Apply a treat of your choice (eg peanut butter) onto the bag. Squeeze dollops of paint on to the canvas provided. Place the canvas in the ziplock bag and seal closed.

Pawcasso at work!

As they lick their tasty treat, their tongues work the paint underneath the plastic into all kinds of patterns. Take a photo of your Pawcasso and share to our socials!

A gift for yourself or others

Our kits are a perfect gift for a new dog owner, a dog birthday or even just a fun distraction during lockdown! And of course, the wagnificent outcome may provide you some easel-worthy bragging rights! Or not.

Wagging tails (testimonials)

We had so much fun making Teacup's artwork & it was a huge success. Highly recommend and a great gift idea.

- Allison, September 2021

Ziggy loved it. Probably in a food coma by the end of it 6. It was so much fun, looking forward to their next masterpieces!

- Heather, September 2021

OMG this was so fun!! We absolutely loved it.

- Amanda, August 2021

Renoir to the rescue

We donate $2.50 from every kit sold to dog welfare groups in Australia. So thank YOU for helping us to bring a little warmth and joy to dogs in need.

Current donations go to Paws & Recover -

Often people stay in domestic violence situations or refuse hospital and respite care as they fear for their pet's wellbeing. Paws & Recover is a volunteer-run group providing shelter/care for pets whose owners are in crisis eg escaping domestic violence, hospitalised or requiring rehab.