For almost 80 years, this unique East Oakland community has come together and put on a 5-block light show for the holidays unlike any in the Bay Area. — San Francisco Chronicle (Dec. 14, 2008)

It wasn't the Christmas decorations on all the little gingerbread houses of Picardy Drive in East Oakland that inspired M.T. Silvia to make a documentary film. — San Francisco Chronicle (Dec. 22, 2002)

If Walter W. Dixon visited Picardy Drive in East Oakland today, 80 years after designing it, he'd be a happy man. The "modest mansions" that he and his partner, builder R.C. Hillen, offered for sale remain just that. Half- timbered and bedecked with dovecotes, fake-thatch roofs, birdhouses and archways, the houses are all different inside, and their owners love them. — San Francisco Chronicle (Aug. 20, 2005)