PI Holding Ltd.

The Green Project Professionals

PI serves international companies and organisations in fast growing Tanzania markets with land acquisition, permits, project development, tendering & contracting, implementation, recruiting and stakeholder management as well as legal and financial services throughout our trusted network.

PI Holding Ltd consists of seasoned Dutch and Tanzanian project developers in Wind/Solar/Biogas Energy, Agro-Forestry, Sustainable Housing and Technology..

PI has been established  in 2014 and holds office in Iringa, Tanzania.

Call us for professional support for the development of your business in Wind/Solar/Biogas Energy, Agro-Forestry, Sustainable Housing and Technology.

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Green Zone

2020 - to date

This project -currently under development- will have measurable social and environmental impact. By integrating design, technology and commerce, we create a new framework for sustainable living. It is a triple bottom line solution that tackles the systemic issues of housing, energy access and climate change. One that has a powerful, knock-on effect and immense ability to uplift humanity and meanwhile supporting Sustainable Development Goals. The final result will be a new sustainable city district in Tanzania which will act a showcase for sustainable housing in tropical and sub-tropical regions worldwide. The project is supported Hanze Hogeschool Groningen, Hogeschool Breda and Dutch solar project developer Finch Hatton.

Sustainable Agro-(Re)Forestry

2014 - to date

Together with international partners from the Netherlands  we are develping new Agro-(Re)forestry projects in Tanzania. Through our large network we have access to 10,000's hectares of unused land. Sofar PI already initiated, developed, financed, planted and maintains a 50+ ha forest in Iringa region. PI has been trained in both Tanzania and Finland in forestry as well as in GIS systems, applied for forestry and other new infrastructural projects. In cooperation with international companies and organisations we design, plant and maintain multiple forestry locations in Tanzania. PI can act as your local agent to identify new locations, arrange landlease contracts, obtain permits, manage interests of all stakeholders and arrange the seedlings and workforce for both planting and maintenance. 


Our skilled and committed development and construction team has a surplus of experience in sustainable projects and the know-how developers need and investors trust.


Since 2014, we've helped developers to resolve complex technical and financial challenges. With projects in the Netherlands and Tanzania we understand market dynamics and have proven innovative solutions to draw on.


Our development strategy relies on in-house expertise backed by a network of leading legal advisors, financial service providers, project-based specialists and top industry suppliers.

Smart Farm Horticulture

2014 - 2020

PI initiated, developed, financed, established, constructed and commissioned a smart farm project for multiplying vegetable and flower seeds. The project has 10,000m2 of greenhouses, a 135m deep-well and a 10,000+m3 rainwater catchment area. After start-up the project has been handed over to local management in 2021 and PI acts as a shareholder and service provider in the background.. This project has already created 50 fulltime jobs for local people, and is still growing. 

Windpark Singida - 120MW - onshore - Tanzania


For our international wind developing client PI identified, vetted  and performed a due diligence on EPC contractors determining the experience and capability to perform engineering, procurement and construction of a 120MW wind park in East Africa.


Developing  new projects runs along four pillars; Technical, Financial, Legal and Organizational. 


We organise the most efficient financial structuren. With funding in the early stages as well as own accounts.


With proven concepts combined with new applications we make sure our projects meet the demands of the local situation. Always with a focus on safety, quality, planning and budget.


After realisation we manage the startup and work towards a handover to O&M professionals for a smooth continuation of long term operations. 

Elikana Ngogo


PI has been established in 2014 by Elikana and Pieter. Elikana is characterised as a natural networker with an unconventional path of life. Born and grown up on in Iringa and later on moved to Dar es Salaam. He is fascinated by opportunities and possibilities to improve livelihood for Tanzanians. He has worked in Tanzania, England and Finland. For this man stakeholders interests are important and will be taken into account when developing new projects and he has a strong capacity to make everyone heard in an open and sociable manner.

Pieter J.J. van Dijke


PI has been established in 2014 by Elikana and Pieter. Pieter is characterised as an unconventional man, born and grown up on an agricultural in the farm Netherlands. He doesn’t like a status quo but is fascinated by opportunities and natural resources. Mostly structured he likes to visualise where the organisation and its people should be going in the long term and strives to capture that both efficiently and effectively. For this man concrete decisions are more important than just discussing matters. When required he can make hard decisions on an objective impersonal basis but always in an open and sociable manner.

Head Office in Iringa (TZ) and Support Office Amsterdam (NL)

Interested? You are most welcome to visit our office in Iringa town or Amsterdam. Just send call us or send an email to

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