I am Phuong Nguyen, currently a Ph.D. candidate in Applied Linguistics and Technology at Iowa State University (ISU) with a Statistics minor. I obtained my BA in Teaching English as a Foreign Language from Ho Chi Minh University of Education and MA in Applied Linguistics from the University of Melbourne. I taught Academic English, English for Tourism and Hospitality, and English teaching methodology in Vietnam before coming to the U.S. for my Ph.D. At ISU, I taught First-year composition courses and ESL courses for three years. I recently interned at the Center for Applied Linguistics and Michigan Language Assessment during the summer of 2017 and 2018. Currently, I am working as the assistant coordinator for the English Placement Test (EPT) and an instructor for ENGL219 (Introduction to Linguistics) at ISU.

My research interests include language assessment, computer-assisted language learning (CALL), and corpus linguistics. As a language tester, I value the importance of fairness - how to design high quality tests that allow for fair, valid inferences about test-takers' ability. Therefore, I am interested in test validation to help ascertain the validity of the interpretation and uses of test scores. As a teacher, I believe in the benefits of teamwork, culturally diverse environments, and scaffolding strategies to help students learn. Therefore, I always make sure my students have sufficient practice in the content they are presented to and encourage them to work in groups while learning about their group members' culture.

I am currently working on my dissertation on raters' decision-making processes when rating responses to an integrated writing task. In this project, I employ eye-tracking technology in combination with stimulated recalls to examine how raters arrive at a score for test takers, which will have implications related to the integrated writing construct and the development of a rating rubric for integrated tasks. I am also collaborating with other language testers on a project about the development and validation of a checklist for a large-scale writing test.

I enjoy traveling, photography, cooking, and volleyball. I also like doing zumba and playing the ukulele in my free time.

Please contact me (phuongn@iastate.edu or nttphuong.vn@gmail.com) if you like me to share my work or if you are interested in discussing topics related to language assessment, SLA (L2 writing, L2 oral language and technology, CALL evaluation), corpus linguistics, or teaching.