Bio - Keynote Speaker, Pastor Dumisani Washington

Pastor Dumisani Washington, Keynote Speaker
2023 Night for Israel

“As a Christian pastor, I stand with Israel because the Bible tells us to bless Abraham's seed and pray for the peace of Jerusalem. I stand with Israel because Israel is, in the words of Dr. King, “an oasis of brotherhood and democracy” and that, “we must stand with all our might to protect its right to exist.”


About Pastor Dumisani Washington:

Dumisani Washington is the Founder and CEO of the Institute for Black Solidarity with Israel (IBSI). He is also the former Diversity Outreach Coordinator for the over 10-million-member Christians United for Israel (CUFI), having served at CUFI nearly seven years. Dumisani is a pastor, professional musician—graduate of the San Francisco Conservatory of Music—and author whose latest book is the second edition of Zionism & the Black Church: Why Standing with Israel Will be a Defining Issue for Christians of Color in the 21st Century, © 2021 by Umndeni Press.

While on staff with CUFI, Dumisani organized multiethnic Christian support for Israel from across the country, and helped launch CUFIAfrica to engage the many Israel-supporters and honorary CUFI members from South Africa, Zimbabwe, Togo, Ghana, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Kenya, Morocco and more. Dumisani is also the creator of CUFI’s Mizrahi Project, a short film project that tells the story of the over 850,000 Jewish refugees from North Africa & the Middle East. As part of his effort to initiate the Mizrahi Project, Dumisani was featured in the 2016 PragerU video, Why Are There Still Palestinian Refugees?, which has received millions of views worldwide.

Dumisani is also the Founder and Director of The Hebrew Project Artists (THP), a music group that performs gospel music with Hebrew and English lyrics in an artistic stand with Israel and the Jewish people. THP’s latest release is entitled Oh Jerusalem.

Dumisani and his wife, Valerie, have been married 33 years and have six children and two grandchildren. They live near Charlotte, North Carolina.