About Us!

PHLiC is no longer active.

Thank you for your interest in PHLiC. Unfortunately, our group has closed after 18 years serving homeschoolers in the Hagerstown area. But, don't worry, there are plenty of Facebook groups connecting the growing number of homeschoolers in the area, so search them out and join in the discussion. Best wishes on your homeschooling journey! :-)

PHLiC was founded in 2004 by a group of homeschooling moms with young children, looking for a secular environment to connect with other families and share their homeschooling journeys. We started as just a playgroup, meeting weekly to socialize, do craft projects and discuss our successes and challenges.

Since then, our children have grown, along with our group. We have created a cohesive support community for families in the greater Washington County Maryland area. We welcome the diversity and input from new members, while treasuring the long-term friendships and connections we have made along the way.

Our cooperative community now supports over sixty member families, and encourages regular involvement and participation from each, recognizing the talents and unique skills each family brings to the group. We are an all-inclusive group, advocating the benefits of diversity and celebrating both our similarities and differences, as the cornerstone of a stimulating learning environment. As a result, our calendar is always full of fun learning and social events, for both kids and parents alike, fostering friendships and opportunities from personal growth and development.

The name "Potomac Home Learning Circle" was our original name, chosen because the Potomac River is a predominant geographical feature in Maryland. We welcome families from various parts of the state, though we are based in Hagerstown, Maryland, including the surrounding communities in Pennsylvania and West Virginia. In 2017, we renamed ourselves the "Progressive Hagerstown Learning Circle," to more accurately reflect our geographic location.

Whether you are new to the homeschooling scene, or a veteran home learner, you will find PHLiC to be an all-inclusive, supportive environment for your homeschooling experience. We welcome you and your family to join and share your experience with us!