We have Received a Greenway Grant!

In March 2006, the Philipstown Town Board adopted a Comprehensive Plan that reflected the input of many community members. This Plan has not sat idly on a shelf in Town Hall - it has provided a vision for the future of our town and guided the day-to-day decisions of our officials and residents.

In February 2018, the Town Board appointed a Comprehensive Plan Update Committee (CPUC) to update the plan. The CPUC believes that the process of updating the Plan should build consensus and understanding of the planning issues in Philipstown.

Its recently completed update of the Plan:

• Embraces Philipstown’s rich history

• Acknowledges the Town’s unique geography

• Preserves its natural beauty

• Advocates for the health and safety of Philipstown’s residents and visitors

• Encourages inventive solutions to challenges

• Celebrates the vitality of the Town’s people, institutions and environment

Now, the CPUC wants YOUR input to the draft Comprehensive Plan Update. We want to know your priorities, your dreams, and your concerns for your Town. We have scheduled a series of public meetings about the Plan Update; click here for details.

Please use the Survey below to enter your comments. Be sure to click "Submit" when you have completed the Survey.

You can also email us with your input. We want to know what you think. Thank you.