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What occurs when we probe natural systems so fragile that the act of our measurement disturbs the system as we learn about it? What is our physical role as observers, at these quantum limits of measurement and information? These are the kinds of questions which frame the field of quantum measurement, itself closely tied to the wider emergent areas of quantum information, control, and computing. My research within this area has focused on time-continuous monitoring of quantum systems (stochastic quantum trajectories), wherein we track the state of a quantum system to within the limits allowed by quantum theory, and account for random disturbance we introduce into those dynamics as we go. This can equivalently be viewed as the process by which an observer acquiring a stream of measurement results updates their information about the system, in real time, as best they can with incoming information. I study such scenarios using numerical simulations and analytic techniques, including the stochastic master equation, and path integral representations which allow us to derive "optimal paths" from the underlying stochastic process. Topics of interest, more broadly, include quantum foundations, weak measurements, continuous measurement and quantum trajectories, quantum information, and quantum metrology.


I grew up in Syracuse NY, attending Manlius Pebble Hill school until graduation in 2010. I was fortunate to be able to take piano lessons from age 7, and take a wide variety of arts courses during my schooling, in addition to being given a strong foundation in science and mathematics. I continued on to the University of Rochester, where I completed my undergraduate studies in 2014, graduating with a B.S. in physics, and a B.A. in music (emphasis on jazz piano). I continued on into the physics department's graduate program at UR that same fall, where I am now a PhD candidate studying quantum measurement and dynamics under Prof. Andrew Jordan. I continue to play in several musical projects in the Rochester area, and remain engaged with the arts alongside my research pursuits. Other interests include hiking / backpacking, tennis, reading, and photography.

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