Probability: from East to West

Thank you all for a truly memorable event. The link on the right, kindly provided by Pavel, is a testament of the success that you all helped to achieve.

As promised, the slides of the talks can be found here.

It is with great pleasure that we announce "Probability: from East to West" (PEW2017), a conference on Probability and Related Fields that will take place on 17-20 July 2017 at the Monash University Prato Centre, Prato, Italy.

The event will celebrate the richness and beauty of our field and will honour the scientific work of Peter Jagers and Fima Klebaner and their contributions, both individual and joint.

Confirmed Participants

Gerold Alsmeyer, Soren Asmussen, Pavel Chigansky, Andrea Collevecchio, Corina Constantinescu, Ines M. del Puerto, Freddy Delbaen, Jie Yen Fan, Tim Garoni, Miguel Gonzalez, Mats Gyllenberg, Patsy Haccou, Kais Hamza, Sophie Hautphenne, Christian Hirsch, Goran Hognas, Peter Jagers, Olav Kallenberg, Goetz Kersting, Marek Kimmel, Fima Klebaner, Marie Kratz, Ronnie Loeffen, Malwina Luczak, Geza Meszena, Anatolii Mogulskii, Manuel Mota, Olle Nerman, Uwe Roesler, Serik Sagitov, Maroussia Slavtchova-Bojkova, Hermann Thorisson, Vladimir Ulyanov.

Scientific & Organising Committee

Pavel Chigansky, Andrea Collevecchio and Kais Hamza