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Welcome to the website of Petros Sideris' Structural Engineering and Mechanics (SEM) Group !

Our research group is led by Dr. P. Sideris, and focuses on various aspects of resilient infrastructure, including material and structural modeling, structural design for damage mitigation, performance-based structural assessments, and experimental explorations/validations of structures and materials. 

In this website, you will find information about our SEM group, research interests, teaching activities, and publications. Also, a list of relevant videos and posts is available in our In the News tab

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Research Video Highlights

Dr. Sideris discussing HSR bridges

By Texas A&M College of Engineering

HSR Bridges: An "Awesome Discovery"! 

As part of the series "4 Awesome Discoveries You Probably Didn't Hear About This Week", by the National Science Foundation

2021/10: Dr. Sideris is now serving as the Chair of the ASCE Seismic Effects Committee -  Click here

2021/09: Dr. Sideris led a team of faculty: Dr. Anand Puppala, Dr. Maria Koliou, Dr. Luciana Barroso, Dr. Zachary Grasley, and Dr. Mary Beth Hueste, which has been have been awarded a Graduate Assistance in Areas of National Need (GAANN) program in “Infrastructure Resilience in the Context of Advanced Construction Methods” by the US Department of Education. This  program will advance research and education in advanced construction methods, such as concrete 3D printing and robotic modular construction, will increase doctoral enrollment in our Zachry Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Texas A&M University and will support diversity in academia and the civil engineering profession.  See announcement.

2021/08: Dr. Sideris is part of a team led by Dr. Maria Koliou that has been awarded an NSF Coastline and People Research Hub on "Fundamental research to inform holistic decision-making for historically underrepresented communities impacted by coastal hazards ". This is a nearly $4.2 million project with 5 participating institutions and researchers from multiple disciplines.  The team also includes Dr. Anand Puppala (Texas A&M), Dr. James Kaihatu (Texas A&M), Dr. Siyu Yu (Texas A&M), Dr. Michelle Meyer (Texas A&M), Dr. Jayur Mehta (FSU), Dr. Stuart Nolan (LSU), Dr. Haizhong Wang (OSU) and Dr. Andres Gonzalez (OU). Check out the press release by NSF and Texas A&M University

2021/08: Our papers entitled "Exploring Energy Harvesting and Vibration Mitigation in Tall Buildings accounting for Wind and Seismic Loads " authored by G. C. Conroy and P. Sideris has been accepted for publication in the Engineering Structures Journal (and is now available online). 

2021/05: Dr. Sideris led a Texas A&M team consisting of Dr. A. Birely, Dr. M.B. Hueste, Dr. S. Hurlebaus, Dr. M. Koliou and Dr. S. Paal that was awarded a $930k project by the Texas Department of Transportation to study minimum shear reinforcement requirements in post-tensioned bridge girders using experimental, analytical and data-driven methods

2021/03: Our companion papers entitled "Experimental Performance Assessment of Large-scale Polyurethane-enhanced Damage-Resistant Bridge Columns with Energy Dissipation Links. I: Overview and Damage Assessment"  and "Experimental Performance Assessment of Large-scale Polyurethane-enhanced Damage-Resistant Bridge Columns with Energy Dissipation Links. II: Quantitative Results" authored by M.T. Nikoukalam and P. Sideris have been accepted for publication in the ASCE Journal of Structural Engineering. 

2020/10: Dr. Sideris was awarded a research grant from the Department of Housing & Urban Development (HUD) to investigate design methodologies for code adoption of 3D Printed Concrete Single-/Multi-Family Housing. This funding will support our group in pursuing research that will contribute to widespread implementation of large-scale 3D printed concrete construction!  - Click here

2020/09: Very nice e-presentation by Negar Mohammadgholibeyki and excellent poster by Negar Mohammadgholibeyki, Farnaz Nazari,  Varusha Venkatraj their work on "Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis for Sustainability & Resilience of Buildings Subjected to Earthquakes" at the T3 Virtual event  - Click here.  This work is part of a collaborative effort between Dr. M. Koliou, Dr. W. Yan, Dr. M. Dixit, and Dr. P. Sideris through Texas A&M's Triad for Transformation Program.

2020/09: Our Gradient Inelastic Force-Based Beam-Column Element has become available in OpenSees! - See announcement.  

2020/08: Dr. Sideris receives a National Science Foundation grant (NSF 2032352) to pursue research on the simulation of damage and failure of reinforced concrete elements in the framework of gradient and nonlocal mechanics.  

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