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A Montreal-based company, Bouclair was founded in 1970 in the building of an old movie theatre. Almost 50 years later, our brand has evolved to become Canadians' first stop when looking for home decor items and furniture at affordable prices.

At Bouclair, we believe that home starts with a feeling. We are proud to help Canadians decorate their homes with the latest styles at affordable prices.

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Peter Goldberg Bouclair | HURRY!! Don't miss The Biggest VALENTINE SALE

Peter Goldberg Bouclair | On this valentine why don’t you gift your loved one home décor item? Grab the best deal at Bouclair today!

Visiting Peter Goldberg’ Bouclair was Best Decision

Buying a new furniture was not that easy for me. Someone from the professional network told me about Bouclair – A complete shop of furniture and home decor and his founder Peter Goldberg.

Peter Goldberg’s Bouclair Decorate Your Home

Anchor pastel bedding, and accessories like vases and decorative pillows, with white, black and natural touches. So, purchase your favorite things for making your home beautiful at Peter Goldberg's Bouclair.

Peter Goldberg Bouclair Design Your Home with Style!

Peter Goldberg Bouclair | Every great design uses the 60, 30, 10 rule. What that means is that the main color takes up 60% of your visual space, while a complementary one takes up 30