Melbourne Building & Pest Inspections

What Do Building and Pest Inspections Involve?

Although many people consider general building inspections to differ greatly when compared to dedicated pest inspections; the reality is that many agencies incorporate the two in order to provide a more extensive report to their clientele. Building and pest inspections carried out in Melbourne can go hand in hand whether the property being evaluated is a commercial one, or a residential home instead.

What do these building & pest inspections usually involve?

In Australia or more specifically within Melbourne, experts recommend that any person interested in purchasing a property has an inspection undertaken; simply for their peace of mind but also to ensure that the building is fit for purpose. As a regular building inspection will usually involve an expert evaluating the condition of a variety of features such as walls, ceilings, flooring, heating, ventilation, insulation and on-site drainage, it makes good sense that they also consider the condition of a property from the angle of pest infestations, too.

During their inspection an agency may undertake further checks to gauge if any pests are present (from termites and other insects right through to mammals and reptiles). In some cases it has been reported that termites have been able to cause extensive damage to a home without the owners even realising – and as these critters can affect wood, it’s not unheard of for the structural integrity of a property to be called into question.

Likewise, mammals that have decided to establish a nest within a loft, under foundations or even inside of rooms can pose somewhat of an issue – particularly those that can be prone to aggression. By hiring an expert to visit a property and evaluate its condition, even the minutest of details can be detected, allowing the potential buyer to either go ahead with their bidding and rectify the situation after the sale, implore the seller to take care of the issues, or walk away from the transaction entirely.

Are these building & pest inspections a necessity?

Although there is no obligation to invest in these types of inspections, the truth is that they can offer a substantial amount of reassurance to a potential buyer. Likewise and when a seller opts to hire an inspector – the report generated can provide peace of mind to all parties involved, especially if it demonstrates that there aren’t any issues with the property.

In any event, these inspections can be a very effective way to identify issues if any happen to be present and if not, the reports can still be used should the new owner wish to extend a part of their home (as they can be used to assist with planning permission where foundations and walls are concerned), so all in all, they come highly recommended for a reason. Read more about what are the best types of building and pest inspections to get in Melbourne.