Perspectives on Climate Sciences

From historical developments to research frontiers

Climate sciences have inevitably gained increasing attention, from a broad range of specialists in the scientific community, but also from stakeholders and the general public. Nevertheless, it is still challenging to give a rigorous definition of climate, and this is one of the reasons why this discipline has preserved its intrinsic interdisciplinary nature, despite the fact that the path leading a researcher's interest towards climate sciences is getting more and more well defined.

Interdisciplinarity means that scientists from very diverse backgrounds have gathered, bringing their own expertise, specifying the fundamental problems and ultimately contributing to shape a new discipline. Physicists, chemists, mathematicians, biologists, oceanographers, but also historians, archaeologists, economists, social scientists, among others, have joined the debate on what the climate system is, and what are the causes and consequences of climate change in relation with the biosphere and human activities.

Our aim is to hear first-hand from some of the scientists who played a key role in shaping our understanding of the climate system, in terms of theoretical advancements, methodologies, bridging different disciplines and creating interdisciplinary networks. They will provide a personal perspective on the recent history of climate sciences, discussing the circumstances under which they approached the climate problem, the colleagues and advisors that served as inspiration for them, and how their contribution helped to open new ways in the common thinking of the research community.

This seminar series will be of interest to scientists, especially at an early stage of their career, will act as an inspiration and motivation for pushing their ideas forward and better understanding the past and present rationale of the climate research community.

The seminar series is over. You can find slides of most of the talks in the Materials section at this website. Recordings are also available upon request to e-mail address.

Many thanks to all registered participants, for having attended our seminar series!

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Organizing committee

  • Tommaso Alberti (INAF-IAPS, Italy)

  • Lesley De Cruz (RMI, Belgium)

  • Christian Franzke (Jacobs University, Bremen, Germany)

  • Vera Melinda Galfi (Uppsala University, Sweden)

  • Valerio Lembo (ISAC-CNR, Italy)