Welcome to the Personality and Emotion Lab!

Welcome to the Personality and Emotion Lab, directed by Timothy J. Trull, PhD, a member of the Clinical Psychology Department at the University of Missouri-Columbia. The lab is located in the Psychology Building and is affiliated with the Department of Psychological Sciences. 

The laboratory includes interviewing rooms, a room for study participants to complete self-report questionnaires or computer-administrated interviews, and a project office. A separate suite of rooms contains the psychophysiology lab where we are able to assess the cardiac and electrodermal activity of participants. We also use a wide range of equipment and devices to gather ambulatory assessment data: Hexoskin shirts for collecting cardiac and respiratory data; smart watches for measuring skin conductance; and Android and Apple smartphones for completing ecological momentary assessment (EMA) surveys. 

YES, Dr. Trull will be admitting a graduate student for Fall 2024.