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Personal Injury Law Firm Goshen, New York

Personal injury cases are typically associated with a motor vehicle accident. The most common types of injuries sustained in these types of accidents include broken bones, cuts, and soft tissue injuries. Other common injuries include neck and back pain, head trauma, and whiplash. It is not uncommon for personal injury victims to suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) as well. If you or a loved one has been injured in a personal injury accident, the law firm of Markhoff & Mittman P.C. Goshen, New York can help you.

At Markhoff & Mittman P.C. Goshen, New York, our personal injury lawyers have helped thousands of accident victims receive compensation for their injuries. We are committed to representing you and fighting for the compensation you deserve. We are also committed to helping our clients cope with their injuries and returning them to their pre-accident lives. Our personal injury law firm is fully prepared to help you fight for justice.

Our personal injury lawyers have helped hundreds of clients who have been injured in accidents involving:

• Automobile accidents

• Truck accidents

• Bus accidents

• Motorcycle accidents

• Pedestrian accidents

• Slip and fall accidents

• Wrongful death

• Bicycle accidents

• Boat accidents

We are committed to giving you the highest quality legal services and personal attention. Our personal injury lawyers have years of experience in handling personal injury claims. We know how to navigate through the complicated world of personal injury law and how to best represent you and your case. We understand the insurance companies and the insurance adjusters and know how to effectively negotiate a settlement that meets your needs. We know that personal injury claims can be overwhelming. That is why we take the time to explain everything to you and answer all of your questions. We are here to help you and to make sure that you get the compensation that you deserve.

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