Perse Computer Science Outreach Hub


The Perse School, Cambridge is ideally located to take advantage of our Silicon Fen setting, the vibrant home of tech and innovation that is Cambridge together with world-class university-led research and industry partnerships.

Our academic Computer Science department is building on this to inspire Perse students to further their computer science learning regardless of age, gender or prior experience. Nearly 50% of Perse students now choose to take a Computer Science GCSE in years 10 and 11 and the results speak for themselves. Computer Science at A Level is being chosen increasingly by students as a 'facilitating subject' for those considering degrees in mathematics, physics, engineering, economics and technology in addition to those electing for computer science or joint computer science study at university.

In continuing to build this important discipline at The Perse School, we are also looking for ways to share with other schools: primary and secondary, UK and international. This is the primary focus of this site: outreach is built deep into Perse values and this site, together with the projects explained here, provides opportunity to contribute a wider benefit based on the benefits we have received from our location, committed students and passionate staff.

Please do explore the site and contact us to find out more.

Perse Computer Science, Cambridge