About Me

I completed a PhD in philosophy at Purdue University in 2022. My book, Skeptical Theism,  was published in December, 2023 with Palgrave Macmillan. My primary areas of interest are ethics, philosophy of religion, and epistemology. I also have interests in philosophy of mind (especially the metaphysics of mind) and cognitive science of religion.

In ethics, much of my work has been on abortion. In a series of articles, I have developed and defended 'the impairment argument', which purports to show that abortion is immoral even if the fetus is not a person [5, 8, 15, 16, 22], along with 'The Pregnancy Rescue Case', which purports to show that abortion is wrong [28]. I've also argued that, given fetal personhood, abortion should be illegal [19]. 

In philosophy of religion, much of my work has been on skeptical theism. Skeptical theism is thought to undermine arguments for atheism including, but not limited to, arguments from evil. I've completed a book about skeptical theism that (i) argues in favor of skeptical theism and (ii) offers a comprehensive defense of skeptical theism. Additionally, I have a series of articles arguing that skeptical theism is true [12, 26] and defending it against various objections [2, 7, 11, 17].  I have also done work on divine hiddenness [4, 18] and the evolutionary argument against naturalism [9, 10].

In epistemology, I am primarily interested in the debate between internalists and externalists about knowledge and in modal epistemology. I have argued that the primary motivation for internalism is unfounded [13].

[Bracketed numbers correspond to articles listed under Publications.]