Beekeeping Experience in Gloucester

All our courses are held at our home apiary in our garden classroom, close to the hives and to our Honey Processing Room.

Courses include Morning Tea/Coffee & Biscuits, a light Lunch, and Afternoon Tea/Coffee & cake.

Courses run from 9.30am until 4.30pm.

Overnight accommodation is not included but is available within a few minutes walk/drive. Alternatively you could bring your own tent and camp in our orchard - by prior arrangement only.

One day course

With my Beekeeping Experience in Gloucester days I like to provide beekeeping courses designed not only to provide you with an introduction to bees but also maximum practical experience handling them to increase your confidence- Following a hands on approach the day will typically include:

Why Honey Bees are important to us

How a colony is made up

Different breeds of Honey Bee

Bee keeping tools

Getting stung

Swarming & supersedure

Hive inspections

Two Day Course

Leading straight on from the One day course the second day will typically include:

  • Hands on hive inspections
  • Types of hives, including making hives from kits
  • Cleaning and making new frames with foundation
  • Dealing with Honey and wax
  • Pests & diseases