Application & Lease Forms

Required Disclosures and Pamplets that do not need to be signed or returned:

Application Forms & Documentation:

Forms sent out through or for digital signature (make sure to check email filters):

  • Lease: a request for digital signature will be sent to your email.

  • Lead Paint Disclosure: This form will be attached to the lease when sent out for digital signature.

  • Relationship Disclosure: This form is not required when the Missouri Realtor Lease is used. When used, this form will be attached to lease when sent out for digital signature.

Types of other forms that may be required depending on the property:

  • Condo Association forms and applications

  • Property Rules & Regulations

  • Subdivision Indentures

  • Occupancy Permits

Utilities setup: The tenant pays all utilities on most single family houses and the landlord typically pays sewer, water, & trash on apartments and condos.