Percy the Piglet

May 21, 2019. A sanguine Percy in Repose...for the time being.

Born July 26, 2010, Percival Giles Calvert Hoyt "belongs" to Ms. Eileen Hoyt...or is it vice-versa? Noted photographer/curator/prose-stylist Matt Leahy has spent many special hours with the one they have dubbed "Piglet", or "Peeg", or even "Luther J. 'Ike' Piggott"; and he, in his unswerving devotion to this indomitable French Bulldog, took many of these images, provided the text, and created this homage to a wonderful little fellow, beloved by all.

One suggests that the audience members retain their composure in the presence of these enigmatic "buttons" (you'll note "Lagomorph" lurking nearby...); merely by pressing one, it will transport the presser to the following Page of this Site. Probably.

Percy is featured in an earlier Website: Percival Giles Calvert Hoyt. We recommend viewing same.

A younger Piggott; more vids featured on above linked site.