Article in the Caravan Magazine January 2012 - page 9

Touring tales with Percy: Many Club members take their dogs or even cats away on their holidays - but there can't be many caravanning penguins! Linda and husband David bought their first tourer - a Bailey Pageant - four years ago and Linda, a keen knitter, thought it would be nice to create a 'caravan friend.' She dug out an old pattern and Percy was born.

Now, whenever they go away they sign their postcards to grandsons Rowan & Elliot, 'love Granny, Grandad and Percy.'

Linda has turned Percy's caravanning exploits into a series of stories. Titles include Percy and the Squirrels and Percy meets a new friend, each illustrated with photographs of our hero in action.

Miscellaneous Feedback:

"The Magazine Team have fallen in love with Percy! We think the idea is great and we love the stories."

"I am emailing you because I read ‘Touring Tales with Percy’ in the January issue of the Club Magazine and really enjoyed it; then I logged on to your excellent website which I found really impressive and very interesting. I love the old recipes and tips and things and wanted to say congratulations to you on such a good job."

" It’s a lovely idea and I can see why your grandsons enjoy hearing about Percy's adventures."

"I've had a look on your website and think the stories are terrific."

"The stories are very entertaining to read and are certainly a good way of engaging young children and it made me smile. You also have some lovely squirrel pictures in the story."

" I will be showing them to my four year old Grand-daughter and my two year old Grand-son. I know they will love them. They do have just the right amount of content and pictures. I know they will just love the story of ‘Percy goes to the seaside’."

"I have just read ALL your Percy stories and also the Bailey and Adria ones. Linda I have decided you should get them published, I think they are really good!!"

"I absolutely LOVE your Percy series and so does the little guy! I may have to make him an Eeyore because of it! I hope you write more stories."

"My kids are going to love these!"

"Love the stories, and the excellent photo’s of Percy…"

"Brilliant made me chuckle out loud."

"I just read Several of Percy’s adventures. I love them. I read a few to my 3 year old daughter and her favorite part was when Grandma makes Adria for Bailey. Looking forward to future episodes."

"First off - Bunny’s knit trousers are just too cute!

And then that picture of Bunny helping Grandad sign the log book just totally cracked me up!!

Also, loved the pictures of Percy and Bunny helping at the computer and map, figuring out where the cache is."

From John West Skippers: " We have thoroughly enjoyed reading Percy and Rabbit’s adventures. My personal favourite is Percy meets a new friend and Percy goes walking with Grandad. The knitted characters are absolutely wonderful! Percy certainly does have good taste in fish and we are glad that his favourite food is John West Skippers."

"The adventures of Percy & Friends are a big hit here in Italy - they bring a "sparkle" to my English lessons! Well done Percy & Friends and Grandma & Grandad!"

"I have your Percy Penguin stories downloaded to my computer and think they are really delightful. Thank you for sharing them on your website. Since we live in the USA, the grandkids did ask about what a caravan was and some other "strange" words. :-)"

"It certainly looks as though Percy had a busy day out at Chapel Porth – has he got his National Trust membership card yet (I'm not sure what the price is for knitted members)?"