My Teaching Philosophy

I believe that a teacher plays an important role in student’s academic experience and future career success. As a teacher, my priority is to positively contribute to students’ overall learning experience by providing them opportunities for effective learning. Teaching should be viewed in the context in which it takes place; every teaching and learning situation possesses unique characteristics, and an effective teacher should be able to adopt the pedagogical method that promotes maximum learning and understanding of course material among students.

This philosophy can be applied to teaching in various ways. Since finance is an applied field it can be best taught using real-world examples to enable students better understand the practical applications of the theoretical concepts taught in the books.

A major component of my professional practice includes information instruction – whether it is delivered through formal or informal means, in the classroom or online, or as part of a conversation. In this context of teaching and learning, I attempt to integrate, and reflect, the following values:

Engage students: Engagement is critical to placing students at the centre in the teaching process and ensures more effective learning. To this end, I like to be enjoyable, funny and dynamic, to help students feel comfortable in class. Student interaction is vital for effective learning. I influence students to take interest in the subject by making the course more relevant to them and spreading my passion for the class.

Continually assess teaching: Assessment and evaluation are essential for a teachers’ on-going professional development. I employ informal assessments to gauge the effectiveness of my teaching methods. I ask my students for a written feedback on what they like or dislike about the way the course is taught, which I subsequently incorporate into my teaching method. Evaluations from my students provide critical feedback that allows me to reflect on ways to improve my teaching methodologies.

Using online learning effectively: As distance learning proliferates, eLearning tools are critical to ensuring virtual classrooms’ are effectively supported by reference sources. I am committed to understanding principles of instructional design, usability, and online learning to help enhance student learning in the virtual environment.

Teaching is an evolving process. Every classroom is different in terms of its learning aptitudes and the academic background of the students. I believe my diverse teaching experience makes me better suited for an academic career that excels both in teaching and research.