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Percy Dastur

Percy helps individuals find and navigate fulfilling careers in finance by leveraging his experience working both as a Financial Investment Adviser and a Trainer for investment and banking licensing exams.

Percy is an accomplished, integrity-driven finance professional offering extensive experience of business success with corporate and high-net worth individuals. He has a strong background and enormous strength in Financial Planning, Investment Advisory and Professional Finance Training. Percy has a strong background in Academics, with a PhD and a double Masters degree and various professional designations in Financial Planning, Wealth Management, Estate Planning and Project Management. He has lectured and trained hundreds of students at various professional levels.

Working with major corporations, finance training academies and investment boutiques he offers counsel and guidance on everything from financial and retirement planning, estate and tax planning, asset management to insurance.

Percy’s professional transformation into an educator came organically as his passion for the work took root. Throughout this time he became consumed with the concept of change and how his financial know-how could be applied to affect it. He wrote two books, The Art of Change Management and Disruptive Innovation, considering the role that upheaval or deconstruction plays in change, which he believes to be both an art and a science. His books have been sought by Toronto Public Library. In future he intends to offer seminars and workshops all over the world.

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Percy took his due diligence to provide exceptional service for every hour he tutored me and made sure that every hour was useful. He provided extremely helpful notes which were beneficial when I was trying to visualize and retain concepts during the IFIC exam. I was under a time constraint and wanted to finish the IFIC as soon as possible. Percy provided me with the necessary tools to successfully pass the IFIC on my first attempt. Thank you for your help Percy! ~ Haris Y.

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