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This website provides graduate students in physics education research and related fields to the information they need to be “in the know.” Here you can find PERCoGS Quarterly Newsletters, PER Graduate Student Social Media Channels, and many other resources for Professional Development, Networking, and more!

What is PERCoGS?

PERCoGS are the representatives of graduate students in physics education research. PERCoGS is made up of its 4 elected members as well as graduate students who are on AAPT and GPER committees and wish to be PERCoGS members.

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In This Issue...

A Tour of Research Methodologies, including:

  • "Critical Theory Starting Points for Disability and Race" by Adrienne Traxler
  • "Building Your Toolbox for Quantitative Educational Research Methods" by Rachel Henderson
  • "Reflections on Learning to do 'Case-Oriented PER'" by Amy Robertson
  • "Physics Education Research and Disability" by Erin Scanlon
  • "Balance and Nuance: Teaching High School and Pursuing Grad School" by Marta Stoeckel


Upcoming PER Conferences

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Come see us at Summer 2019 AAPT!

PERCoGS will host several sessions/social events at the conference:

    • PER Graduate Student Topical Discussion
    • Professional Skills for Graduate Students Session: Mentoring Undergrads & Junior Grad Students
    • Graduate Student Dinner

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