Duration: 4 year

Qualification awarded: BA in Dance

Level of Qualification: Bachelor’s Degree

Language of Teaching: English

Mode of Study: Full-time

PERA - School of Performing Arts – GAU was established in 2008 to meet a growing demand for formal education in the art of performance. Since then, it has acted as the cultural pioneer for rapidly developing social, cultural and artistic activities in North Cyprus. It is situated between the foothills of the mountain range and the northern coastline. PERA provides an ideal environment for nurturing artistic development where students from diverse artistic backgrounds interact and work in close contact within specific interdisciplinary workshop residencies, organised by the school board every year.

Department of Dance - Course taught in English

In all respects, PERA - School of Performing Arts - GAU is built on the vision that transcending traditional boundaries is vital to access a broader landscape of knowledge, expertise, and artistic possibilities. In line with this vision, our students are constantly encouraged to challenge their area of expertise alongside other related art forms.

Envisaging a comprehensive educational philosophy, the entire curriculum is designed to focus on the specific principles of contemporary dance, characterised by an amalgamation of Ballet and a range of fundamental techniques such as Cunningham, Graham, Limon, release, flying low and others. To this end, the academic program incorporates various techniques to build co-ordination, physical condition, strength and stamina that are all essential for supporting the demanding dance training programme.

Learning is further optimised by the inclusion of alternative approaches to movement, forms of physical theatre, visual arts, music, media and site-specific practice; offering students access to a broader landscape of knowledge, expertise and artistic possibilities.

This nurtures a distinctive educational environment where students are constantly encouraged to challenge their area of expertise, alongside other related art forms in order to respond to the ever-widening field of contemporary dance and diverse challenges of today’s professional life.