Pentel Energel

A Review of Pentel Energel Clena Gel Pen

This is another quality gel pen inspired by the color of unbleached cotton. It is a premium quality pen for creating smooth, clear, and vivid lines. It is a sleek design pen that feels light on the fingers. The pen offers a firm grip and is pretty comfortable to handle. This is a true professional pen with stylish looks. It fits in pockets firmly with a secure grip.

Main features of the pentel energel Clena Gel Pen

The pen comes with a small design tip measuring 0.5mm. The tip is small and super sharp creating smooth lines without any alterations. It produces very minimal ink to reduce smears from the main line of writing. This is an excellent choice pen for a smooth writing experience.

This is a sweet pastel color pen featuring pin stripping and a white finish. It is a true unbleached cotton color pen. The pen comes with the most advanced gel ink and a rollerball. The ink writes solidly and dries pretty fast. It creates a single smooth and vivid line without ink smearing to the sides. This makes the pen a great choice for left-handed persons. You can write neatly without worrying about ink spreading to other parts of the paper. The ink is absorbed on the exact point of the tip and drying immediately.

It is a retracting design pen where the tip retracts safely when the pen is not in use. You just need to press the ballpoint on the rear end to retract and extend the tip. Overall, this is a stylish design gel pen to create professional writing.