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Join us on Facebook or Discord by clicking on the linked icons. Come learn about our family here and make new friends. We will be posting on our social media, as well as this site about any upcoming events we are having or attending. If you have an interest in communicating with members of the club about anything or even joining the club, then reach out to us on our Discord Channel.

News & Updates

BBM & The Pennsmen Run


Hello World! We have some exciting news to share with everyone. But first, as Bears Bikers & Mayhem has wrapped up, we would like to thank everyone that has helped put the event together and attended. The event this year was a blast, just as every other year. Also, Congratulations to Colton for winning Mr. Mayhem Leather 2022!

The news we would like to share is that we have been hard at work, putting together our own run. The Pennsmen 46th Anniversary & AMCC 200th Meeting will be held from 2/24/23-2/26/23 in Harrisburg, PA. We are finishing up the final touches for the run and will make an update as soon as tickets become available. We hope old and new friends come join us in this celebration. There is also an event on our Facebook page that anyone can join to help remember the date and discuss the event.

Happy Holidays!


Happy Holidays Everyone! We hope everyone is having a great holiday and spending time with their family and friends. New Years is right around the corner, and with that are some upcoming events. January 1st happens to be the first Saturday of the month, so as always, come out and enjoy Leather Night at the Brownstone. In addition, January also hosts a great event, Mid-Atlantic Leather Weekend from January 14th-17th. Hope to see some familiar faces at both of these events!

More Information at the Links Below:

01/01/22-01/01/22 Leather Night at The Brownstone Lounge

01/14/22-01/17/22 Mid-Atlantic Leather Weekend

September Update


Hey there! So recently, there was the BBM event which was a blast! Hopefully, everyone else that attended had a good time as well. There are a few leather events coming up soon, which are listed below. Our next leather bar night will be October 2nd, and we hope to see some new and old faces. If you are curious about the Pennsmen club, come join us! We are more than willing to discuss the club and answer any questions for you. Also, don't forget about our Discord channel to meet and talked to current members as well.

Upcoming Events:

09/17/21-09/19/21 Leather 3 @ The Woods Campground (Lehighton, PA)

09/26/21-09/26/21 Folsom Street Fair (San Francisco, CA)

10/02/21-10/02/21 Leather Night @ The Brownstone Lounge (Harrisburg, PA)

10/14/21-10/17/21 Frolicon (Atlanta, GA)

10/24/21-10/24/21 Lancaster Pride @ Clipper Magazine Stadium (Lancaster, PA)

Bears, Bikers & Mayhem + More!


Hello Everyone! There are several leather themed events going on for the month of August that all sound exciting. First up is Leather Night at The Brownstone, which is the first Saturday of every month. After that is several days of Bears, Bikers & Mayhem, which has numerous events and activities happening involving your favorite kinks. Finally, for those who like camping, Hillside Campground has a Fantasy Weekend, along with a Leather Weekend right after. Who knows what all could go down in the woods.

August Events:

08/07/21 Leather Night @ The Brownstone Lounge (Harrisburg, PA)

08/12/21-08/16/21 Bears, Bikers & Mayhem @ Eisenhower Inn (Gettysburg, PA)

08/20/21-08/22/21 Fantasy Weekend @ Hillside Campground (New Milford, PA)

08/27/21-08/29/21 Leather Weekend @ Hillside Campground (New Milford, PA)

Brownstone Lounge Leather Night


The Brownstone Lounge in Harrisburg, PA is having a Leather Night this Saturday, July 3rd. Come hang out, have some fun, and meet some people. Members of the Pennsmen will be in attendance, come say hello!

Link to the Facebook Event:

Happy Pride Month!


Happy Pride Month! Let us never forget those who came before us that threw the stones to help lay the groundwork for the world we live in now, and let us continue to honor them by always working to make the world better for the future generations!

Happy Memorial Day!


The Pennsmen would like wish a Happy Memorial Day! We pay our respects to the men and women who have fallen while on duty protecting our rights.

17 Days Away!


We are just over 2 weeks away from The Woods Leather 1 Weekend! We are extremely excited for this event, and to meet all of you!

Events we will be attending as a club:
Sat 1:00pm - 3:00pm
Woods Leather Cookout
Be sure to participate in this annual event! We'll have great music, food and drinks as well as several games:

  • Horse Shoe Pitching

  • Corn Hole

  • Jumbo Beer Pong

Photo Op!
Gear up and get some pics on a motorcycle

Meet members of the Pennsmen, an all inclusive leather group who welcome diversity and inclusion. Want to learn more about them? Feel free to stop by their table and grab a FREE beer!

Sat 10:00pm -
Pennsmen Cocktail Hour and Leather Meet & Greet
The Pennsmen proudly present a cocktail hour from 10 to 11pm. Then Mr. & Ms. Woods Leather will continue the party with a cocktail social to raise funds for their charities. Dress to impress

Happy Mother's Day!


We at the Pennsmen want to wish a Happy Mother’s Day to all of our Moms/Mommy's/Dommes/etc in the family! We appreciate and love all of our “Moms” out there and wish you all the best on your special day! You deserve it!

Leather Weekend 1 at the Woods


The Weekend of June 4th - 6th, The Pennsmen will be participating at The Woods Campground for the Leather Cookout and other events over the weekend. Money raised over the course of the weekend will benefit the Philly AIDS Fund. Other events include Dances, Leather/Fetish Swap & Sale, Pool Parties, and a Shot Crawl. Come join us and say Hello!

Join the Discord Channel to discuss with us about The Pennsmen at The Woods!