The Pennridge Regional Police Department was formed in 1992. After much effort, Sellersville Borough, East Rockhill Township and West Rockhill Township joined forces to form the department. At that time, the three existing departments were without a Chief. Chief Crean of West Rockhill and Chief Burke of Sellersville had just retired, and East Rockhill Township was without a Chief. The new department was headed by Chief Heim and the officers quickly adapted to their new surroundings.

In 1994, Chief William Heim left and the department was headed by Chief Ronald Smeal of Northern York Regional Police Department. He led the department for just eight months before Chief H. Randall Dilling took the reigns. In 2002, Chief David Mettin became the Regional’s fourth Chief of Police. There are four original members left from the existing departments when they merged in 1992.

Currently, the Pennridge Regional Police Department provides services for West Rockhill Township and East Rockhill Township. The department is currently located at 200 Ridge Rd. Sellersville, PA in West Rockhill Township.

The department is governed by a Board of Commissioners that meets once a month for a public meeting. There are three Commissioners who are assigned from both Townships.