Beginners courses

The club runs a number of beginners courses during year, which involves payment of a small fee. We supply the equipment, the expertise and at the end of the course you can then decide if archery is a sport in which you would wish to have more involvement in, and if so then you will be required to pay the appropriate joining fees. The courses are normally held at Beeslack High school.

If you wish to put your name on the waiting list for a course, which will be held some time during the indoor season from October, please register your interest by emailing your details outlined below.

Please note: Anyone who has already registered an interest in a beginners course with other club should also submit the form.

Is there an age restriction on who can join the club?

Whilst there is no upper age limit, the club does have a lower age limit for junior archers. At present the minimum age for joining an archery club is 10, unless a parent/guardian is a member or joins the club. The minimum age for attending a beginners course is 9, but you can put your name on the waiting list before then.

What we will teach you on a beginners course

Our beginners courses last for 3 weeks, each session being an hour and a half long. We will provide you with a bow, suitable for you to shoot, and of course some arrows to shoot at the target.

Week one

Teach you the main safety points of archery

Demonstrate how to shoot a bow using the barebow technique

Have you shooting at a target 10m away

Week two

Review the safety points of shooting

Continue to shoot a bow using the barebow technique

Introduce you to the 'Olympic' or 'freestyle' of shooting

Have you shooting at a target 15m away

Week three

Review previous weeks work

Work with you to improve your style of shooting

Introduce scoring and score keeping

Have you shooting at a target 18m away

Beginners course request

If you wish to register an interest in one of our beginners courses, please email the club at with the following information:

Name, Address, Contact phone number, and date of birth if under 18

Please Note

Due to insurance constraints we can not offer 'have a go' sessions during club nights.