PEI Proportional Representation Network

The PEI PR Network is a grassroots information-sharing and coordination network for Prince Edward Islanders working towards the goal of a Proportional Representation electoral system on PEI. We are a response to the MacLauchlan government's attempt to silence pro-reform groups and individuals, and stack the deck against change through some of the most draconian and likely unconstitutional legal restrictions on free speech ever seen in Canada. Together, we will not be silenced.

How do I get involved?

Just take initiative! The network is yours - there is no central 'leader' of the network who needs to 'approve' what you want to do. Your initiative and commitment makes all the difference.

Check out our Community Agreement. If you agree to it, click here to sign up to join the network forum/listserve.

Network moderators will ensure that these agreements are adhered to.

How will new initiatives start?

If you have an idea for how to advance Proportional Representation on PEI, share it on the network listserve. If other citizens think it's a good idea, they will join you and help make it happen. Some ideas will gain momentum and take off, other ideas won't gather much energy - and that's OK! It's democracy in action.

How can I help out?

Browse the teams linked below. Find an idea that you like, and reach out to get involved in the group. If there's nothing that appeals to you, talk to the Welcome team who can help you find an effective role.

Current teams

Network Moderators group

This group has responsibility for making sure that everyone abides by the Community Agreement. This group does not have any power to make strategic decisions on behalf of the network, nor can it ‘direct’ network members' activities. If you have a question for the moderators, or want to volunteer to join the team, email

Letter writers

For people who enjoy writing letters to the editor in island papers - The Guardian, the Journal Pioneer, the Eastern Graphic, West Prince Graphics and La Voix Acadienne. (Also The Buzz, island farmer, voice for island seniors... the list goes on!) This is an open group. The chair of the group is responsible for sharing news updates and media summaries with the broader network list, and keeping the letter-writing team up to date! Contact the co-chairs by emailing

"Brochure Buddies"


This group was created (in June 2018) to coordinate amongst island residents who would like to contribute money towards the printing of informational brochures about Mixed Member Proportional Representation, and to help distribute those brochures, before the Referendum period began. It is no longer active. The link to join this group was at

Web updates team

Responsible for updating and maintaining this simple website. To meet the requirements of the legislation (should the Referendum Act pass unamended) it is important that the website costs $0 to maintain. This is why we are using google sites rather than a standard website for which we would need to pay for domain hosting. We are looking for 2 more volunteers to join the team. Email if you have requests/suggestions for updates, or if you want to volunteer as a site admin.

Proposed teams - can you help get them started?

Welcome team

As the network grows, we'll need a way to help new people get oriented and find their place in the network. If you'd like to be a contact point for new activists joining the network, and you enjoy having 1-1 conversations with people, then you might be the right person for this role. You can volunteer to start the Welcome Team started by emailing

(Informal) legal advice group

If the Referendum Act passes unamended, the legal restrictions that we will be subject to are very strict. Citizens could be subject to $10,000 fines if they are unaware of the restrictions and accidentally overstep the boundaries of the restrictive law. The purpose of the legal advice group would be to help PEI citizens who are promoting Proportional Representation are aware of their rights, responsibilities and risks under the law. This group does not substitute for formal legal advice. It should include people familiar with the law who are willing to explain it to others. If you want to get this team started, email

Social media content creators group

Love creating shareable videos and memes for Facebook and Twitter? You're not alone! If this team gets started, it will be a place to share ideas for how to spread knowledge about Proportional Representation all over social media, to help better-inform islanders. If you want to get this team started, email

Private action groups

Some action groups are closed, for privacy reasons. They will seek out additional members from the broader network on an as-needed basis. Join the PEI PR network to hear about these opportunities to get involved, as they arise.