Associate Professor of Economics

ICEF - Higher School of Economics, Moscow

Economic theory and game theory

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Rationalizability, Observability and Common Knowledge, with Antonio Penta
Review of Economic Studies, 89 (2022), 948-975

Uncertain Rationality, Depth of Reasoning and Robustness in Games with Incomplete Information, with Fabrizio Germano and Jonathan Weinstein
Theoretical Economics, 15 (2020), 89-122

Strategic Cautiousness as an Expression of Robustness to Ambiguity, with Gabriel Ziegler
Games and Economic Behavior, 119 (2020), 197-215

Uncertain Information Structures and Backward Induction
Journal of Mathematical Economics, 71 (2017), 135-151

Bounded Rationality and Correlated Equilibria, with Fabrizio Germano
International Journal of Game Theory, 46 (2017), 595-629

Games with Perception, with Elena Iñarra and Annick Laruelle
Journal of Mathematical Psychology, 64-65 (2015), 58-65

Higher Orders of Rationality and the Structure of Games, with Francesco Cerigioni, Fabrizio Germano and Pedro Rey-Biel
In progress, revision requested by Journal of Economic Theory

Failures of Contingent Thinking, with Evan Piermont
In progress

Heterogeneously Perceived Incentives in Dynamic Environments: Rationalization, Robustness and Unique Selections, with Evan Piermont
In progress, radically changed version available very soon!