Assistant Professor of Economics

ICEF–Higher School of Economics

Pokrovskiy Boulevard 11, Room S710

109028, Moscow, Russia

Economic theory and game theory

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Rationalizability, Observability and Common Knowledge, with Antonio Penta
Review of Economic Studies, forthcoming

Uncertain Rationality, Depth of Reasoning and Robustness in Games with Incomplete Information, with Fabrizio Germano and Jonathan Weinstein
Theoretical Economics, 15 (2020), 89-122

Strategic Cautiousness as an Expression of Robustness to Ambiguity, with Gabriel Ziegler
Games and Economic Behavior, 119 (2020), 197-215

Uncertain Information Structures and Backward Induction
Journal of Mathematical Economics, 71 (2017), 135-151

Bounded Rationality and Correlated Equilibria, with Fabrizio Germano
International Journal of Game Theory, 46 (2017), 595-629

Games with Perception, with Elena Iñarra and Annick Laruelle
Journal of Mathematical Psychology, 64-65 (2015), 58-65