Presentation Recordings

The Participatory Environmental Humanities

The presentations at the workshop were audio recorded. These recordings are available for streaming or download below.

The workshop programme, including presentation abstracts and participant bios, is provided on a separate page of this website.

An archive of Tweets from the event is available here.

With the exception of the keynotes, all presentations are roughly 10 minutes long.

Tuesday 18 July

Welcome and Opening Remarks

Thom van Dooren and Matthew Kearnes: Opening Remarks (22mb, 19:19)

Session 1

Kate Wright: Reports from Armidale Aboriginal Community Garden (15mb, 12:55)

Lindsay Kelley: Tasting History: Sampling the Bug Out Bag (13mb, 11:13)

Jenny Newell: Museums as Sites for Participatory Environmental Humanities (16mb, 13:47)

George Adamson: Reflections on Upstream Engagement with Climate Science in the Context of a New Logic (14mb, 12:24)

Session 2

Tess Lea: Visualising Networks, Engaging Publics: Why Do it and is it Always Worth Doing? (14mb, 12:10)

Greg Leslie: Community Engagement on Controversial Water Supply Projects: What Engineers Can Learn from Sociologists? (15mb, 13:18)

Joni Adamson: What are the Citizen Humanities? (17mb, 15:08)

Richard Major: Limits of Public Participation in Manipulative Research: Four Case Studies from Ornithology (16mb, 14:06)

Session 3

Paul Brown: Experimenting After the Bomb: Community Arts and Knowledge Building in Atomic Survivor Communities (PDF summary)

Timothy Neale: Don't Mention 'Culture': Finding Collaboration with Hazards Practitioners (11mb, 9:58)

Susie Pratt: Elemental Kinships, Sympathetic Ingestion and Civic Humanities (14mb, 12:05)

Tom Griffiths: Bushfire, Public Policy and the Humanities (12mb, 10:53)

Keynote Addresses

Jason Chilvers: Remaking Participation After the 'Participatory Turn’ (43mb, 47:18) (Presentation slides, PDF)

Noortje Marres: What if Nothing Happens? Street Trials as Experiments in Participation (45mb, 49:36)

Wednesday 19 July

Session 4: Video Presentations

Jennifer Gabrys: Citizen Sensing and Environmental Participation (link to video file on vimeo, 11:25)

Cate Sandilands: Plantasm: Vegetal Participation and Imagination (link to video file on vimeo, 11:36)

Session 5

Leah Lui-Chivizhe: Searching for the Wisdom of Torres Strait Turtle-shell Masks (15mb, 13:22)

Matthew Kearnes: Grounding Participation (14mb, 12:32)

Thom van Dooren: Storying Extinction: Situating Knowledges in Hawaiian Conservation (13mb, 11:03)

Judy Motion: I am the river... (14mb, 12:09)

Session 6

Astrida Nemanis: How do you Participate with the Bottom of the Sea? (19mb, 16:57)

Jess McLean: Walking and Working with Wiradjuri Peoples (recording unavailable)

Libby Robin: Slow Media and Fast Change: The Anthropocene as Metaphor (13mb, 11:07)

David Schlosberg: Participatory Theorising: Reflective Equilibrium and the Political Theory of Environmental Movements (15mb, 13:00)

Session 7

Rimjhim Aggarwal: Avoiding Capture of Participation within the Metrics of Outputs in Large Scale Interdisciplinary Projects (14mb, 11:49)

Hélène Ahlberger Le Deunff: More-than-human participatory water management (12mb, 10:41)

Jennifer Mae Hamilton: Instructive Failures and Process Blogs (13mb, 11:14) (Presentation slides, PDF)

(The video played at the start of this presentation can be found on YouTube. It was written and directed by Dr Rebecca Conroy.)

Cameron Muir: Localising the Anthropocene (12mb, 10:22)

Concluding discussant panel

Astrida Neimanis, Cameron Holley, Matthew Kearnes: Concluding Remarks (20mb, 17:28)