Is there a fee to join Pedagome?

Nope, there’s no fee. We want as many people to join as possible so that our knowledge base grows too.

How do I start participating in Pedagome?

We are most active in our Slack group, which has many channels for exploration. The group is very welcoming, so introduce yourself and start writing your thoughts on topics that interest you. 

Is it okay to reach out to someone in the community directly?

Yes! Please make connections and grow your network shamelessly. That’s why we are all here–to learn, share, and grow. 

How did Pedagome start?

The Pedagome community stemmed from graduate students of the Information and Learning Technologies Master’s program at the University of Colorado in 2016. Since then, the community has grown to include members from a variety of work and school settings. The name Pedagome is a play on "pedagogy" and we generally pronounce it ped-a-go-me.