MIssion Statement

We believe that rank-and-file, bottom-up workplace organizing is key to building a socialist current in the working class. We will train rank-and-file organizers to energize existing unions, to organize the unorganized, and to build the socialist movement in their workplaces. We will encourage, support and assist Portland DSA members to “salt” into workplace organizing campaigns or establish campaigns where none exist. We will mobilize Portland DSA in solidarity with strategic workplace campaigns.

It will be front-line workers who lead the way during this public health, economic, and political crisis. Get a job organizing with fellow DSA members! Do revolutionary work on the job! Build working class power where we have the most leverage against the capitalists - at work! Fill out this form to get connected to our contacts, get hired, and organize in schools, parks, building trades, grocery, warehouse, delivery, healthcare, and other industries.

Check out our library of resources to learn why organizing at the workplace is important and how you can build power with your coworkers

Events and Trainings

Join us at our monthly business meeting, a labor social, or participate in one of our Secrets of a Successful Organizer trainings (with a coworker!)

Want to get involved in our work? Find support and comradeship in your organizing efforts? Interested in getting a job with other socialists? Let us know!