PD Station

Professional Development in one of the pillars of the Nanaimo District Teachers' Association.

We strive to support all members in their ongoing learning and professional growth. Being a teacher is being a learner. It is inquiring, trying, failing, reflecting, and most of all sharing our experiences, our successes and our challenges. Together we can make our community a rich and exciting place for all.

Upcoming PD Opportunities

District Day - February 25, 2019

This year's district day theme is Trauma Informed Practice. To apply to present a workshop, submit an application form found here

VR Production for the Classroom: Spring Institute - March 18-20, 2019 -UBC Vancouver

Experience, explore, and present the world in a new way!

Over the course of three mornings, this UBC Spring Institute will guide you through the steps to shoot, edit, and share 360-degree videos. You will learn the basics of narrative storytelling and how to think like a director in this new medium. You will translate your ideas into a script and then an actual storyboard. Using the storyboard, you will work in teams to shoot and edit your own videos.

Registration Cost: $180 for non-credit course

Registration Deadline: February 4, 2019

Click here for more information or contact pdce.educ@ubc.ca

Developing Minds Through Reading and Writing - Friday, February 15, 2019 - Registration is free

Practical Strategies for critical thinking in the curriculum

Simon Fraser University presents a one-day conference on critical reading and writing. Keynote speakers and experts will present best practices in reading and writing in the classroom. With a focus on the literary arts, roundtable discussions will develop practical strategies and sample lesson plans for the new curriculum in BC secondary schools.

Open to teachers and education professionals, Developing Minds gives delegates an opportunity to share and explore key concepts in teaching critical thinking at the secondary and post-secondary levels. This year, the guest speaker will be Dr. Deanna Reder from First Nations Studies and the Department of English at SFU.

Click here for more information.

BCTF New Teachers' Conference

Gaining Ground: New Teachers Together Leading the Way

May 10, 2019 in Nanaimo - Registration opens February 14, 2019

SFU Summer Bootcamp

Discover the Francophonie in all its forms, beyond the classroom on sunny Burnaby Mountain!

Experience a full week combining pedagogy, French language, art, and outdoor activities to help you explore and reflect on your own French teaching practices. This is a great opportunity for you to reflect on:

  • the implementation of authentic learning experiences in French language acquisition for your students
  • concepts of differentiation, identity, environmental education
  • integration of Aboriginal perspectives in teaching French as a second language.

Your professional development doesn’t stop at the end of the five-day workshop! It will be followed up with four online meetings in the Fall which will consolidate your learning experience and enable you all to share your innovative practices. Become a part of a professional community of collaborative learning.

We look forward to seeing you this summer!

For French Immersion teachers:

SFU Burnaby Campus

July 8–12, 2019

9:30 a.m.–3:00 p.m.

For Core French teachers:

SFU Burnaby Campus

July 15–19, 2019

9:30 a.m.–3:00 p.m.


While the regular cost is $850, the bursary for professional development in French in BC by the Minister of Education allows BC certified teachers to attend the bootcamp and pay only $100. Participants do not need to apply for this bursary. Lunch and campus parking is included. Registration will open here soon.

Quebec Institute - July 1-19, 2019

  • Develop your oral communication skills as well as an appreciation of Quebec’s unique culture during morning classes, afternoon workshops and field trips.
  • Course content is focused on improving teacher-participants’ ability to converse in French by building on their classroom experiences and teaching interests.
  • Our instructors are experienced language educators who interact with participants both inside and outside the classroom, making this a truly immersive language experience.

Register by May 3, 2019. To Register, click here

Cost: $3,400 for non-credit course, BC teachers are eligible for a bursary to cover up to half of the costs


Engage with Indigenous knowledge keepers, educational leaders, and resources to enhance your understanding and knowledge of practices that advance reconciliation in the places where you live, learn, and work.

Begins January 2019

Mental health literacy is the foundation for mental health promotion, prevention and care and can be successfully implemented through classroom based curriculum interventions that have been scientifically shown to improve mental health related outcomes for students and also for their teachers. A Canadian-developed, nationally and internationally-researched resource, the Guide – previously delivered only through face-to-face training – is now available online through this UBC-supported program. In this course, educators will learn how to apply this classroom-ready, web-based, modular mental health curriculum resource (the Guide) as well as upgrade their own mental health literacy. Educators can then use this curriculum resource in their schools to successfully address mental health related curriculum outcomes designed to be delivered by usual classroom teachers to students in grades 7 – 12

Self-paced, begin at any time.

Fully online, self-guided resources to help teacher candidates and current teachers develop and expand their mental health literacy.

National surveys report that about 70% of Canadian teachers identify a need for more knowledge about mental health and mental illness, yet most Faculties of Education do not have a comprehensive mental health literacy curriculum resource. This online, self-paced resource addresses that gap. Pre-service and current teachers can take this 7-module course in its entirety, or simply the modules they are most interested in. Faculties of Education are welcome to use these resources to support their course and/or discussions on mental health in the same way.

  • Registration is open!
  • Cost: FREE