Welcome to the PCA Special Education Department!

Our mission is to help your child not only succeed but THRIVE through specifying their individual educational needs. We work as a team to do what is best for your child and help make sure you, as the parent, are informed and included! We have found that team work makes the dream work!


1. Look out for signs of emotional stressConsequences of dyslexia are frustration, anger, low self-esteem or becoming withdrawn.Before reading and spelling can be improved your child needs to believe they can succeed. 2. People with dyslexia need constant praise and support to rebuild self-esteemWhether it’s a parent, teacher or friend, it’s important to have someone who believes in you and is supportive. Help build your child’s confidence and see the results in their new mentality towards learning.
3. Never compare someone with dyslexia’s school work with that of their brother or sisterPerhaps because they already feel bad about themselves people with dyslexia are often sensitive to criticism. 4. Don’t get angry when kit is lost or homework forgottenFailing to remember spoken and written instructions or forgetting where something has been left is a consequence of dyslexia.They can’t help it and will feel depressed by being unable to remember.Help them become more organised by introducing strategies. 5. At the beginning of each school year meet your child’s educatorMake sure they know about dyslexia and what they can do to help. 6. Get your child assessed as early as possibleStudents assessed early (before 5th grade) show the best response to reading interventions!