Phillipsburg Youth Soccer Club (PYSC) is a volunteer run, 501(c)(3) non-profit youth sports organization that promotes soccer throughout the Phillipsburg area, (residents of Phillipsburg, New Jersey or children attending Phillipsburg School District only)  by providing quality instruction and instilling the values of respect, community, and competitive spirit.

Spring 2024 Registration

Kind reminder - 

For those looking to join our soccer club, please be respectful to our coaches during their coaching sessions. They are volunteering their time and are teaching our players. If you wish to seek information on our program and availability, PLEASE email us so we may better assist you.

We appreciate your interest and look forward to answering your questions.

PYSC fields recreational level teams in the Fall and Spring in the Twin Rivers Area Youth Soccer League (TRAYS). TRAYS League teams are organized by players birth year:

PYSC also has an in-house First Kicker Pre-K program ( 4 year old) * typically meets once a week for 8 weeks

Fall season begins with Soccer Fest (Intermediate & Senior levels only) and Biddy Fest Tournaments.

If you are interested in Coaching for PYSC, or are interested in obtaining your New Jersey-License, please click email

The Town of Phillipsburg requires any adult on the field of play to have a completed and clean background check and hold an identification card certifying such. Any adult who wishes to be on the field will be required to complete said background check in a timely manner. This is for the safety and is in the best interest of the children on all levels, in all recreation in the Town of Phillipsburg New Jersey.

For general inquiries, please email  or

Club families can also request access to the closed group, PYSC Facebook site once registered.