Paxful Login- Buying and selling digital currencies made easy

not all of us have the time and efficiency needed to mine Bitcoins, therefore, we look for platforms that allow us to buy cryptos without having to mine them. But then, there are some users who find it really difficult to buy Bitcoins because the available platforms do not provide them with a diverse range of options to make the payments. And this is where Paxful comes into the picture. With Paxful login accounts, users are now able to buy Bitcoins using a wide range of payment methods ranging from card payment options to digital wallets.

So, to understand this platform in a crystal clear way, we shall be guiding you through the complete process to operate and make the best use of Paxful.

Answering what is Paxful

Well, Paxful is a peer-to-peer crypto trading platform that allows you to buy Bitcoins and other supported currencies by using more than 350 payment options and the best thing about this platform is that it is available for use in around 190 countries of the world. Both experienced and new traders can enjoy the features and efficiency that are offered to all the Paxful login users.

Now that you have the basic idea about what is Paxful, it is time now to have a look at some other related topics that would help you take your journey forward with this exchange.

What is Paxful used for?

As already mentioned in the previous sections, Paxful is used for buying Bitcoins and other supported cryptos through different methods that are not readily available on some popular crypto exchanges. The platform has its reach in a lot of countries of the world and most importantly, you can purchase crypto for as low as $10. Using this platform is pretty straightforward because you will only need your email address to get started on this exchange and there is no such hassle of creating a username and Paxful login password.

How does Paxful work?

The platform provides you with enough opportunities to involve in the direct exchange of cryptos with buyers and sellers. This simply means that you can interact with other users and make instant transactions on the go. The buyers get the option to make cash deposits through different payment methods. As soon as the seller receives funds and makes confirmation about the same, they allow you to buy Bitcoins directly. And this is how this platform works:

Stage 1: Account registration

Stage 2: Set up your wallet

Stage 3: Decide on a payment method

Stage 4: Start buying crypto

Note: Users can set up their wallets at

A glance at the Paxful sign up process

To sign up on this platform, you need to fill up the sign form with correct details about yourself and then do as you are prompted to. For this, the easy-to-follow steps are listed below:

  1. In the beginning, you need to go to the official site of Paxful-

  2. Just go to the top of the page and click the "Register" button in blue

  3. Start filling up the sign-up form and feed in your email address

  4. After creating your Paxful password, select "Create account"

  5. And do as you are prompted on the landing screens

Logging in through the Paxful app

If you are signing in through the Paxful website, then you can go to the webpage to sign in to your account. On the other hand, if you wish to log in through the app, then you need to follow the steps given below:

  1. Get the Paxful app downloaded on your iOS or Android device

  2. After this, launch the app on your device and click the option to sign in

  3. Thereafter, you can enter the Paxful login phone or email address

  4. Furthermore, you need to feed in your login password

  5. Finally, click on the "Log In" button available on the login page

  6. If asked for a login code, enter that too and you'll have access to your account

How do you reset the Paxful login password?

For an instant Paxful password reset, the procedure that you need to follow is given below:

  1. You can begin by navigating to the official Paxful sign-in website

  2. On the sign-in page, click the "Forgot Password?" link present above the password field

  3. Now, you will need to choose how you wish to reset your password

  4. Then, provide your email address or phone number

  5. And, click the "Request new password" button to set a new sign-in password

Why is Paxful not working?

If you have been facing a Paxful login problem and wondering why is Paxful not working, then the following could be the reasons responsible for the same:

  • The abundance of cookies and cache on your web browser

  • The website is not working or undergoing technical issues

  • Incorrectly fed Paxful sign-in details

  • There is some problem with the internet connection on your device

  • An outdated version of the Paxful app is being used


Paxful is yet another crypto trading platform but unlike other exchanges, it provides users with plenty of payment options to buy and sell cryptos. The transactions are instant and they do not charge you any kind of commission fee as well. Launched in the year 2015, Paxful has a global reach and it makes sure that all its users are able to make simplistic investments in cryptocurrencies. If you also wish to be a part of it, then do follow the directions that we have provided here. Once you set up your account, you will find a wide range of Paxful payment methods to buy any crypto token of your choice.