Paul Segal

Senior Lecturer in Economics, King's College London

Visting Fellow, International Inequalities Institute, London School of Economics


I am a development economist at the Department of International Development, King's College London, and a Visiting Fellow at LSE's International Inequalities Institute. My research covers inequalities - especially global inequality - poverty, the economics of natural resources, and economic history and development. I have a strong interest in interdisciplinary approaches, particularly sociological and political economy angles on inequality. I teach macroeconomics and development economics and write occasional policy articles for and the Guardian.

I am also an author of the CORE Economics project, where I contributed on macroeconomics, inequality, and the economics of developing countries.

My current research is on new perspectives on inequality, including papers on the global rich (with Sudhir Anand), on inequality, living standards and economic development in the long run in Mexico (with Ingrid Bleynat and Amilcar Challu), and on interdisciplinary approaches to inequality (funded by a Leverhulme Research Fellowship).


Recent work

Special issue and website of Chilango magazine on our new project (with Ingrid Bleynat) on multidimensional inequalities in Mexico City.

Teaching Macroeconomics in CORE: The Economy, Economic and Political Weekly, Vol. 53, Issue No. 24, 16 Jun, 2018.

Taxation, Non-Tax Revenue and Democracy: New Evidence Using New Cross-Country Data (with Wilson Prichard and Paola Salardi), World Development, Vol. 109, pp. 295-312, 2018.

Working paper: Inequality, Living Standards and Growth: Two Centuries of Economic Development in Mexico (with Ingrid Bleynat and Amiclar ChallĂș).

Who are the Global Top 1%? (with Sudhir Anand), World Development, Vol. 95, pp.111-126, 2017.