Courses taught

Statistics Place Out for METALS master’s students (Online course), Carnegie Mellon University,

Cognitive Psychology (Instructor of Record; Spring 2014, Indiana University)

Methods of Experimental Psychology (Lab Instructor; Fall 2013, Indiana University)

Laboratory in Human Memory (Teaching Assistant; Spring 2009 & Spring 2010, Universidade do Minho, Portugal)

Research supervision

I've mentored several undergraduate research students in the past years. Some previous students:

Spenser Benge

Tiffany Drasich

Dustin Finch

Akshat Gupta

Abigail Kost

Kaley Liang

Ashton Moody

Kelly Rapp

Alifya Saify

Shivani Vasudeva

Course evaluations

Selected comments from official evaluations:

"I liked most how patient the instructor was with answering all my questions and always giving me good feedback on my work. Thanks to him I had an outstanding grasp of this P-211 class."

"I love that feedback before the deadline is offered. You really do everything you can to ensure that we do well."

"Always pumped up about class and ready to go! Thanks Paulo."

"I felt extremely comfortable asking questions and participating in class. He was very helpful when needed help."

"He is always willing to help and makes sure we are clear on assignments and quizzes."

"He was very excited to teach and help us as much as possible."

"Professor was always trying to help students, whether by having more office hours on test weeks or staying after to answer questions. Take home messages were great."

"Prof. Carvalho is awesome. He is more than fair with grading (an A is 90%). As a psychology professor he understands how people learn best and applies it to his teaching methods. In addition, his teaching has helped me perform better in other classes. In Cognitive Psychology P335 I've learned so may things that can sabotage the learning process."

"He is very enthusiastic, approachable, and knowledgeable, and is a good teacher."