some WORK
Thank you WSJ, USA TODAY, The Economist, Washington Post, NYT and many others for over ten million dollars of free full page ad space..

Some html collaging of content from sites and free templates, cutting and pasting and noodling code and changing all copy.


A Haute Coffee-"energy" drink without a market.
Native content self-takeover paired with corresponding list of technologies that at&t has innovated, as part of their "'&' gives you more" campaign.
at&t takeover: Bought all the editorial "&s" and printed them orange, as part of their "&" gives you more" campaign.

Mr. Takahiro is personally accountable for programming fun game code. If you and your friends aren't completely freaked out with fun, then he will be fired. This will dishonor his family, which he can restore only by taking his own life with a sword.

Incredible Crisis. Severe Fun
"Incredible Crisis" (Severe Fun) is a stress inducing game full of frenetic absurdity.
BMW International Banners