Literary Journal

Midwood High School

Welcome to Patterns at Midwood High School!

We are a literary journal dedicated to publishing the work of our talented students here at Midwood. We print an issue once a year filled from cover to cover with student artwork, photography, poetry, and short stories. Anyone and everyone is welcome to submit their own contributions to our magazine.

When/where we meet:

We meet on Tuesdays periods 6 and 9 in room 345.

Ways to Contribute:

Not everyone has to write or draw to help out. We need literary staff to help us decide which pieces of work should be put in the magazine. The staff also helps to decorate bulletin boards, organize events/bake sales, sell snacks for fundraising, and contribute to the final layout and design of the magazine. Editors are in charge of revising and editing accepted submissions. Whether it’s punctuation, spelling or grammar, everyone makes mistakes. Editors workshop and approve final pieces that go into the magazine.