Mosley Road Art school Birmingham

Sir John Cass/ Fine Art, London guildhall BA fine art (Hon s)

Sir John Cass schools of art post-grad art & design

Camberwell School of art _ city & guilds, artists teaching in the community

Published works

Mr Fox and Badger illustration anti hunting postcard for sale online

for the The Big Issue raising money for the Homeless ·


Publisher: Filmmarmalade.

Grese, West, Atkins, Hindley, Ruda & England

Artist DVD


· Journal of Museum Management and Curatorship march 2013

Creating typecasts: exhibiting eugenic ideas from the past today

Debbie Challis



· Animation "Tusk" shortlisted G=Technology competition http://www.g-technology.eu/competition/shortlist

· Talenthouse Dave White Natural Selection animation winner in association with the Hospital club

· Bob & Roberta smith competition logo design winner chosen by the Art curator of Museum of London at the Hales Gallery


British Artists film and video study collection central saint martins' research collection for artists' 'grese, west, atkins, hindley, ruda & england' artist dvd .


Notable commissions and press

· Filmarmalade interview published on DVD available at ICA and LUX

· The Hospital club interview

· Interview with Talenthouse


Exhibitions, film showings

Polluted Postcards 2 Oct 2018 – 13 Oct 2018

Devonport Guildhall Plymouth

Saxoprint group #exhibition at proud galleries Camden London 25/9/07

"Grese, West, Atkins, Hindley, Ruda & England", FILMARMALADE anniversary Close-up cinema september 2017

, The inaugural AV event showcase emerging talent in sonics and moving image, located at The Yard Theatre in Hackney Wick. Super8 Handbag

· Feral drawing Parallel Lines, Mums and Daughters ,Exhibition Curator: Samia Malik 80-84, Cell Studios Hackney Wick E9 5LW

"Painting Hope" Affordable art sale Sweet 'Art charity fundraiser at The Art Take Away

· PROCREATE PROJECT,EXHIBITION – OVER 100 MOTHER -ARTISTS Women´s Art Library/Make at Goldsmiths College, University of London, on Tuesday the 15th of December 2015. http://www.procreateproject.com/procreate-project-launch/

· Exhibition at the The Guardian .

Chosen by Guardian art critic Jonathan Jones and British Art Show 8

· Feral paintings exhibited



6 - 23 November 2014


· Super8 films Handbag & bricklane used by Vile Films

for Dazed and Confused Magazine documentary "prick"



· BYOB moving image art fair 2013,

· projection installation Bargehouse Oxo Tower wharf London

· Paraphernalia Boutique

· Sluice Artfair, London 19-20 October, 2013 http://sluiceartfair.com/2013.html

· Portobello Film festival September 2013

· BYOB moving image art fair 2012, Bargehouse Oxo Tower wharf London

Handbag, super 8 film projection 2012


· La Petite Muerte exhibition 2012 “ hand drawn animation “ sky burial” looped on monitor

· Natural Selection exhibition Hospital club Covent Garden 2012

Tusk Hand drawn elephant animation looped on a monitor

· Green Film Festival 2012 in Seoul Korea

Showing of the “the endangered Asian elephant animation”

· Bus-Tops a collaborative public art installation across 20 London boroughs 2012

Walking elephant animation

· Film loop/ slide show, “estate face” December | Petrie Museum of Egyptian Archaeology


· Body-beliefs, “estate face” slides show with Debbie Challis Wellcome collection


· Sluice artfair filmarmalade- 15 - 16 October 2011, Mayfair, London Showing of “Grese, West, Atkins, Hindley, Ruda & England “

· The Old Fire Station islington exhibits, Rowan Arts 2012

Looped on monitor “Grese, West, Atkins, Hindley, Ruda & England “

· C.A.R. Media art fair, June, 3-5,2011, Essen

Looped projection “Grese, West, Atkins, Hindley, Ruda & England “

· The Residence gallery London 2011“ u aint so pearlie white” projection

· 7th Berlin International Directors Lounge, 2011

Looped projection “Grese, West, Atkins, Hindley, Ruda & England “

· 242 Gallery London 2011 “id please sir"

Looped projection “Grese, West, Atkins, Hindley, Ruda & England “

And voomoo sculpture

· Elephant parade London 2010 Two painted 3d elephants

· Filmarmalade BFI 2010

Looped “Grese, West, Atkins, Hindley, Ruda & England “ monitor

· Wolstenholme Projects, Liverpool 2010

“Grese, West, Atkins, Hindley, Ruda & England “

· NUIT BLANCHE 2008 Paris “bakers buns” projection

· Portobello film festival, 2008 film projections “newspeak” “Voomoo”

· Hoxtonsquare gallery, London. 2008

A collection of voomoo sculptures

· Bigbang festival Plaza Zabala Uruguay 2008

“Pilchards” projection

· 20h Hommage à Gianni Toti. Totinouï de Marc Mercier, France 2008

“Bakers buns” projection

· Elevator gallery, London “Dead Bodies and Cardboard' 2008

Filmed projection looped, “Grese, West, Atkins, Hindley, Ruda & England “ &

· Directors Lounge, Berlin I Film Festival 2007

“Pilchards” projection

· The Changing Room Gallery, London "News From Nowhere: Visions of Utopia"

2007 looped film “Newspeak”

· Optica Festival, Gijon, 2007 “ Bakers buns” projection

· Bricklane gallery, London “peace camp” curated by Bob and Roberto Smith

2 – 31 December 2006 “ looped “ newspeak”

· D-NEFF European Experimental Exhibition, Spain 2006

“Raven head” projection

Echoes of MOD At Hejfina. Chicago, live box gallery 2006

“Pilchards” looped on monitor

Artinyourface "Video Art TV- Screens Malmoe - Sweden, 2005Projection of film in shop window “Pilchards”

Invited curator SALT 291 gallery 2004

Westbourne Studios, Portobello. London 2004 “pilchards”

Portobello film festival, 2004 film projections

Look Behind You, Koari, U Aint So Pearly White

The Gallery Southwark Park. London “ pilchards” 2004

Curzon Soho cinema, London,

Raindance East Film Festival London

F-EST & Salt 291 gallery London

Art channel France on Neuftv! Channel 2004

Pixel dance Festival, Thessaloniki Greece, 2004

Mikrokino festival, Nedelja, Belgrade, 2003 Yugoslavia

Projection “ handbag”

Projection, Art-Hostel" in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Projection “ handbag”

Plum, East end alternative arts group London 2002 .

Looped super8 projection of upwards flowing water

In window < hackney